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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 02.11.21 13:04. Заголовок: What is the best time to make calls with fax number list clients?

It has happened to us too, we tried to call a client on a Monday morning and guess what? we have had no response. But we have tried to do it on a Thursday and, even happily he has answered us! So what happens? Is there a special day when we have to fax number list call? What happens with the schedule of publication in networks? Does it work the same? You will find the answers to these questions in this blog, keep reading!

First of all, it is important that you know that cold calling is no fax number list effective. So if you are looking for the best day to cold call, this blog will not be fax number list helpful; since based on studies, these calls are only 1% effective . If you want to find out why you should abandon these types of calls today, we recommend that you click here .

However, if the calls you want to make to the customer are calls with context, it's a completely different story. Context-based customer calls improve the relationship fax number list between your prospect and your company, as they create a bond of trust and the prospect will be clear that you really care about him and his goals.

So, if you have a prospect in mind and you have identified that it fits the profile of your Buyer Persona , follow these tips! Speaking at the right time with your prospect can make the difference in achieving those closings that you long for.
1. The best day to make calls

Studies have shown that the best days to call prospects are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Monday is definitely not a good option, as prospects are just catching up on work, planning their week, basically… switching their chip to work mode.

Friday is not a good day either, as prospects are excited fax number list for the weekend and the least they want is to start a working relationship the same Friday.

The middle of the week is when prospects have more time to take calls, take an interest in other issues on their minds without feeling like it's an interruption to their work. The truth is that calling on Wednesday gives 46% security that the call goes a good way.

2. Best time to make calls
We have already decided the days, but what about the time? fax number list A vast majority would think that the best time to make a call with a prospect is in the morning, before they start their duties. However, according to these studies, this is not the best time.

The ideal time to call your prospect is between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, or between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm This is because at this time they are finishing everything work to go out to lunch or to leave the office. So with little to do, they are willing to take calls or be a little more relaxed. Making it the best time to call your prospect.

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